GTA 5 APK Install on Android - Play GTA V ON Android

GTA 5 apk game is now available to download and play on Android device 4.2.
For old time sake, this is the first version that we released. This GTA 5 for Android beta version looks very different on the stable version that we have released a few weeks ago. You can visit it here GTA 5 for Android Latest version. We always try to improve the gameplay and the game buttons so it will function well.
This version doesn’t work online. So I suggest that you download our latest release here: GTA 5 .apk

Thousands of people already have this application/game on their android mobile and playing with their friends. Download it now while it’s free.

How to Download the game?

  1. Download the latest version here:

  2. After that, you need to complete a survey or an offer

  3. After completing an offer your download will automatically start

  4. Install it and Enjoy.

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